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Performance moteur: 300 W,
Performance moteur: 300 W
Vitesse maximum: 25 km/h, Autonomie maximum: 45 km
Temps de recharge: 7,5 h, Capacité batterie: 36V 368 Wh
Poids: 16,4 kg, Chargement maximum: 100 kg
Cityhopper - léger et

Following the success of their G30 models SEGWAY-NINEBOT have introduced a fresh range of three new E-Scooters – The E22, E25 and E45. The main difference between them lies in their maximum potential range. To avoid confusion the E22 can manage 22km, the E25 25km and thanks to an additional battery the E45 can take you 45km before requiring recharging! All models can also be ordered with a maximum speed limit of either 20kph (D model) or 25kph (E model). All models provide the possibility of travelling relatively long distances conveniently and comfortably.


SEGWAY-NINEBOT have replaced their successful G30 E-Scooters with their latest E22, E25 and E45 models. They are sleeker and also a little more stylish in appearance than the success-blessed bestseller G30. The E45 is equipped with an additional battery to extend its range to 45km before it needs charging. Not quite the range of the G30, but including a number of fresh and useful features while also being more economic in price. All of their new E-Scooters are provided with maintenance-free 9” tyres filled with a sturdy foam material. This type of tyre avoids the hassle of punctures and combined with the front shock absorbers ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Only the entry-level E22 is sold without suspension, which is fair considering its unbeatably economic price tag of just €449! The SEGWAY-NINEBOT E22, E25 and E45 'D' models are road-legal in both Switzerland and Germany. The 'E' models, with their top speed of 25kph, are legal for road use in Austria, Italy and many other European countries.


The outstanding features of the SEGWAY-NINEBOT E22, E25 and E45 models:

  • Noticeably lighter than the G30 D
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Safety lighting and new braking technology
  • Clean and uncluttered design
  • App connectivity

Easily transportable – An E-Kickscooter, that satisfies all requirements:

Cars and even bicycles can quickly become cumbersome and unpractical in the modern urban environment, especially in combination with public transport. The new SEGWAY-NINEBOT models are all substantially lighter than the G30 D, with its relatively hefty 20Kg.

  • E22 D and E22 E: 13.5Kg
  • E25 D and E25 E: 14.4Kg
  • E45 D and E45 E: 16.4Kg

When commuting and using public transport a real advantage, although to be fair the massive 65km range of the G30 cannot be matched by the series that replaces it. This exceeds most peoples requirements with the lighter weight of the newer models being a great advantage for everyday 'last-mile' journeys. Their 'hands-free' folding mechanism makes these new models of E-Kickscooter easily transportable and the maintenance-free tyres can withstand being punctured by sharp objects encountered on your journeys. The urban cruise experience is nicely rounded off by the front shock absorbers, which can simply master cobble-stoned streets etc.


The lights and brakes: A definite plus for additional passive safety.

The E45, E25 and E22 are all equipped with EU approved safety reflectors on their front, sides and rear. There are also bright LED lights fitted to the front, rear and the brakes of the scooter to heighten the riders safety in dark conditions. In addition the handlebars are equipped with high quality, enduring handlebar grips and switches which are code-coloured in either red (for the brake) or green (for the throttle).

The E25 and E45 both have three separate brakes, at the front an electric recuperative type and at the rear a magnetic and a frictional foot-pedal version. On the more economic E22 model only the foot-pedal brakes the rear wheel, along with the recuperative electric motor braking system at the front.

For added environmental-friendliness the smart battery management system (BMS) makes sure that the energy used to charge the battery is not wasted, while it also monitors its performance to avoid problems with either overcharging or discharging, overheating, short circuits etc.


Stylish and digital:

All three models come in a sleek looking cableless design and are equipped with a LED display to keep you constantly informed of your current road speed, riding mode and battery charge status.


Conclusion: If you require a first-class E-Scooter with an excellent price/performance ratio, you can definitely find a solution in the new SEGWAY-NINEBOT range with either the E22, E25 or E45 models. Fans of sleek design will appreciate the uncluttered, cable-free concept.


The SIP – TIP – Our recommendation:

  • Do not forget to order a set of handlebar-end indicators for added passive safety in traffic. Segway E-Scooters require an additional adapter: Winglights: (57160000), Adapter: (SCABLK01).
  • A crash-helmet and a pair of suitable gloves also increase personal protective safety!


All technical details for the SEGWAY Ninebot Max E45 D and E45 E:


Length:116 cm
Hight:115 cm
Width:floorboard 16cm, handle bar 46 cm
Fold up size:116 x 46 x 36 cm
Handlebar Height Adjustment:no
Tyres front/rear:

9-Inch Dual Density tyres (flat-free)

Suspension:no suspension

three independent brakes, front electronic & regenerative, rear magnetic and foot brake

Top Speed:

20km/h (E45 D) / 25km/h (E 45 E)

Motor:36V-300 W, front wheel drive
Battery:LI-ION, 36 V 368 Wh
Charging Time:7,5 hours
Display:LED colour display
Range:approx.45 km
Loading Capacity:100 kg
Suitable from14 years 
Weight:16,4 kg
Road Legal:in Germany (E45 D) / in Austria, Italy and other ECC countries (E45 E)
Light:LED front & rear

what else? app connectivity, Bluetooth, up to 15% incline, wireless design


OEM chiffres (sont uniquement à titre comparatif)  8719324556644 (EAN)

E100522Z 20,00 €

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SM010124 19,90 €

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SM010122 19,90 €

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TUR467G 85,00 €

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HLZ0070S 19,90 €

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pour cette pièce
E100500I 769,00 €

tva incluse  plus port.
E100501I 449,00 €

tva incluse  plus port.
E100502I 549,00 €

tva incluse  plus port.
E1003I0S 699,00 €

tva incluse  plus port.
E1003I1S 1.299,00 €

tva incluse  plus port.
E-Scooter - sans limitation de vitesse

729,00 €
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